Kiss Me I’m Irish and a Social Media Expert



I am waiting for someone to make a t-shirt that says “Kiss Me I’m A Social Media Expert”, the same way you see the non-Irish wearing “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts as they drink their way through St. Patrick’s Day festivities each year.

Is everyone really Irish?

I am jaded today.  There are too many posts, tweets, webinars, profiles, conferences, guides, books, white papers,videos, blogs – EVERYONE is an expert on social media.  But with all these experts why is there still so much learning to do and so many unanswered questions.  Why is consistent ROI still like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Why are there no true best practices that when followed bring you;  respect, love, wealth and health like a Shamrock or four-leaf clover.

The Easy Route and SNAKES!

The answer is simple, follow the roots of this mythology it is because our emerald island nation, that we call social media, has been infiltrated with snakes!  What started as pure with good intentions and smart people who were trying to change the way we did things, trying to make an honest buck, trying to impress a potential partner or people who simply wanted to prove they were smarter by changing the world is now a mess.  People trying to take short cuts, not understanding their craft or the power it holds. Short sided people who think the words; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and Pinterest belong on a white board during a client meeting, but have never really taken the time to understand what those words can do in the hands of a true social marketer.


It is time to banish the fakes out of social media the way St. Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland!


Take time to learn your craft; read, watch, follow, explore, take some chances and best advice – learn.  Become so smart that you can’t be fooled.  You then become the expert, a real expert.  Now, I am not sure what the best books are on social media but here are some lists that can start your journey.

Happy reading and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Was Steve Jobs the Father of Social Media?

I want to know who my Father is!

Not my birth Father, I know who he is.  Big Bill, Bill Alfano – the original, pictured above from the front page of the New Haven Register. He is the absolute best!

I am talking about the Father of Social Media.

The Original List

Great read from Salty Waffle

How many of these do you know?  Would you call any of them the Father of Social Media?

  • Georg Simmel – He was the first to talk about social networks in modern terms
  • Lawrence Roberts –  Spain credited him for creating the internet
  • Eric Thomas – created the world’s first email software
  • David Bohnett & John Rezner – created GeoCities
  • Andrew Weinrich – created
  • Gibby Miller – designed and launched
  • Sean Parker – Napster
  • Jonathan Abrams and Peter Chin are the founders of Friendster, dubbed the ‘grandaddy’ of social networks.
  • Tom Anderson- MySpace
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

After 10/5/2011

But after 10/5/2011 all the writing changed.  Steve Jobs is the Father of Social Media. Do you agree with what these guys wrote?

Marketers, are you helping your sales team sell Social Media?

It’s the last day of my quick Florida getaway. We did have some sun today, but we have had many more clouds. It has given me a lot of time to read and look at stats that I normally wouldn’t be able to do. Last week I installed Buffer on everything I could and now can schedule tweets during peak times, space them out and even better, look at the clicks that the links in the tweets get. I have noticed something amazing or shall I say controversial. I have noticed that tweets about sales training and tips for the business of sales in regards to social media, don’t get many clicks. Whereas tweets aimed at the marketing of brands through social media get many. I may be biased because I am a Marketing guy, but it appears from my limited research and even smaller sample that the marketers are much more comfortable about Social Media as part of their craft than the sales professionals are. I know, BIG Statement, pitting Marketing against sales, but seriously that is not what I am doing. I think it is our job as brand cultivators to continue to pump info to our sales forces, take away the mystical names and acronyms and simply show them why they should sell things and how they can generate revenue. Plain and simple social media can and should be sold AND you can make money doing it. We, as marketers know this, it is our job to strip away the mystique and constantly deliver materials regarding social media to our sales teams, that make them comfortable with pitching, talking about and selling it. Think of it as the same way you had to sell your boss or CEO why you needed a budget for a blogger, SEO or a .com team. Here are a few links to help you out: How to make a sale using social media How to Sell Social Media Marketing to Your Boss How to Sell Anything Using Social Media How To Explain Social Media with Donuts Happy teaching! 20120227-132041.jpg

Is Social Media the next “Great City” of the world?

Dr. Carl Sagan once said “You have to know the past to understand the present”. With the said one of the great cities of the world would be Rome, especially during the peak of the Roman Empire. Rome believed in a civilized city where the success of people was judged on what city they lived in. Here is an excerpt from Roman Society, Roman Life “Romans were after all social creatures, which craved being part of a society. The truly civilized citizen had to be more than educated or successful. No, in the Roman mind set it was necessary to belong. The Roman needed a community, a family, or at least a group of friends around him. No better place was there for this than the city.”
The minute I read this I thought, this is Facebook and it was MySpace, as I thought about it more, it is every social media site. So instead of separating by brand and .com I starting thinking of Social Media as a whole, basically a city or even empire. Now I am not comparing Mark Zuckerberg to Julius Caeser , yet his vision of Facebook did and does have some similarities.
The problem with all great cities, societies and civilizations is they eventually fall.
What are the key factors for their fail and how can the current leaders in this evolution of social media prolong their empires.
Many say, amongst other things four main factors in the fall of Rome were decadence, monetary troubles, military problems and the incompetence of leadership.
So if we look at these individually what can we learn?
* decadence – this is a tough one to avoid, success breeds it, it also breeds greed – straying so far from the core and adding feature after to feature till basically the original fantastic product is diluted away
* monetary troubles – ROI, law suites, patents, pay-offs – these are all very common terms in the land of the social media giants. Eventually it becomes simply too expensive to run the empire the way it needs to be run for it to be fantastic
* military problems – security – security of the products, security of the proprietary information and security of holding on the key minds/employees
* incompetent leadership – everyone things they can be a Biz Stone, Reid Hoffman or Sean Parker but it just isn’t true. No matter what your mamma tells you not everyone is a revolutionary who has the IQ, wherewithal and collateral to be successful at their own start up. Yet with every bad social media site and failure, it takes away confidence in the strong ones.
So perhaps we don’t live in a time where our lives are defined by the city we live in or in a ten mile radius but tell me the last time you spoke to someone and they didn’t ask you what your Twitter name was or how to find you on Facebook or LinkedIn. Maybe today’s civilization has only adapted and not really progressed much from the days of the ancient civilizations.

esful at their own start up.

Social Media for Boomers and up

Got on a flight last night from Boston to Florida for a long weekend, some r&r and maybe a little sun. First experience on JetBlue and with POPCORNERS great flight and great, yet unknown snack food.
Florida is the land of gators, the TV show COPS and America’s retirement community. With that and sound cloudy weather I had an epiphany. I spent most of the morning with Nana Betty we discussed the NY Times recent article about OnLive Plus, her Facebook account, Wi-Fi, the cloud and her daily lessons at the Genius bar at the local Apple store. Fairly normal conversation with my wife and friends but Nana was born in 1929. So that got me thinking, mostly every post, blog and tweet I read is aimed at youth or at least Gen X or Y, what about the Boomers and beyond? The great philosopher, John Capuano, tells me the importance of spending power of the Boomers. He talks about the size of that population and the liquidity of their wealth. So let’s take it one step further what is their impact on Social Media? Your Grandmother is not only looking at pics of her grandkids when she is on Facebook.
So who is focusing social media efforts on this huge segment of the population. In 2010 65+ accounted for almost 39 million people in the US, which is 12.8% of the entire US population.
There are a few:
eons – which calls itself an “online community for BOOMers”
My Boomer Place – focusing on the 50, 60 and 70+ year old traveler
Baby Boomer Headquarters – looks like a tourist shop for Boomers
But really, search the keywords “social media” and “baby boomers” or “retired” you won’t see much. Many of the articles are from ’07 and ’08. There were a few good posts from last fall; a good piece called “Pressed” from and a post on Marketing Conversation
The Boomers and up are basically a marketing after thought in the hi-tech, flashy, YOUNG world of Social Media, yet don’t tell them that because they are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as other sites with adolescent type vigor and reckless abandon. What are you doing the engage them through Social Media?
Well I need to go, it’s after 5p and I am late for the blue plate special (sarcasm).

Reality TV and Social Media

Remember when reality tv was the Real World and Social Media was passing out valentine’s in your 3rd grade classroom? Well things have changed, ok they have blown up! Reality TV has everything and there is a social media site for everyone. So how do they match up to each other?

Top 10 Extreme Reality TV Shows ans their Social Media Counterpart:

  1. Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet) = LinkedIn, we want it to be amazing, we want it to create leads and ROI and help us find jobs, just like we want Bobo to find a Bigfoot in the backwoods but all we get are some wood knocks and let down
  2. Jersey Shore (MTV) = Facebook, we all know it was WAY better before everyone else found out about it but because it is such a beautiful mess we still spend an inordinate amount of time on the site, posting, liking, sharing and of course fist-pumping
  3. Hillbilly Handfishin’ (Animal Planet) =Foursquare, when you check in you feel good as well as involved but you have no idea why you did, just like the blank smile you have on your face when you watch the tv show, but seriously you are watching a show about people catching fish by putting their hands in that fish’s mouth
  4. Hoarders (A&E) = MySpace, we are appalled by it and by people who still use it – just let it go, do you really need 93 cats? Do you really need your MySpace page? BUT it is still getting numbers so what am I missing?
  5. Real Housewives (Bravo) =flickr, who cares – fun to look at sometimes but absolutely no purpose, it is time you will never get back
  6. Top Chef (Bravo) = Google+ has a ton of hype and marketing around it but when people want to watch cooking shows they go to the Food Network and watch one of the many proven shows there, kind of the way people usually go to Facebook
  7. Swamp People (History Channel) = Klout, what can I say Klout is a site that judges analytics and influencers, we all know the only reason to watch Swamp people is to judge yourself against the “swamp” people and make yourself feel better
  8. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!) = Twitter, where did it come from, how did it get so big and what do we really learn in 140 characters
  9. Say Yes To The Dress (TLC) = Instagram, just like the TV show does with brides to be, Instagram can take average or even ugly pics and with a tuck here and a click there those pictures look amazing and you want to show all your friends
  10. The Rachel Zoe Project (Bravo) = Pinterest, only women get it and they get it in a huge way – Pinterest is the break away hit of 2012 that people, or should I say women are still only finding out about