Make your results match your hype!


“Under promise and over deliver”.  Tom Peters said this was the formula for success.

I have heard that statement a million times in a million meetings.  For that matter I have even said it myself, to my staff, to my superiors and in job interviews.  It is one of the most familiar and spoken rules in business.  If everyone knows it and says it, why is it so rare that it actually happens?

Three Little Points

This post is a simple one, with three easy to follow instructions:

  • Make sure you, your product or your service can deliver exactly what you say it can, if not more
  • Make sure your deliver on or earlier then the deadline that you agreed to
  • Don’t make excuses, take responsibility and do what you said you were going to do

If, in every; agreement, statement and communication you adhere to those three points, you will be a huge success.  It doesn’t matter if we are discussing social media, personal relationships or brand marketing.  The TRUTH is out there and it will set you free.

Closing Time

The best example of over promising and under delivering, comes from back in the day.  My buddy Greg, author of the Bad Blog Job, and I would DJ Sunday nights at the Pig’s Eye Pub in Hartford, CT.  We would spend an inordinate amount of time picking out music, always trying to find a song or two for the night that would hit people over the head and get them fired up.  One night we decided to kick the night off with one of these songs to get everybody in a playful mood early, we had the perfect song!  We got on the mic and hyped it up, people were ready to be awed with our musical prowess and knowledge. BUT we somehow cued up the wrong song and Semisonic’s “Closing Time” blared out the speakers and crushed the spirit of everyone in the room.  Not because it’s a bad song, it’s just not a song you start the night off with.  We never won back that crowd on that night but it did painfully teach me two really important lessons.

  • Be careful, if you are a good marketer and you have created expectations about your skills people will be disappointed when you don’t deliver
  • Semisonic’s “Closing Time” – delivers EXACTLY what it promises to deliver, by its name – a fantastic song for the end of the night

Everyone is an optimist

Remember everyone is an optimist and everyone wants to be sold.  Just keep in mind the selling is the easy part, the delivering is the real challenge!

“So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits I hope you have found a Friend.”