Pinterest – If you PIN it they will come!



Pinterest has taken over the world.  Let’s just start with that.

This will be my most successful and most read blog ever!  It is true, any post, article or tweet with the word Pinterest in it, gets far more clicks than boring stuff like Facebook, ROI, email conversion or PPC.  It is the cash cow for clicks and TSP, time spent pinning has become king.

TSP (time spent pinning)

I read that Americans spend 8.4 million hours watching NCAA March Madness basketball games.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that is merely a fraction of time compared to what women in this country spend on pinning!


Women, did I say ONLY women use Pinterest.  I didn’t say that, and I am sure there are guys who use it, but we don’t get the same exhilaration or excitement from it. Do I have a Pinterest profile? Sure, but I have no idea why or what to do with it, here it is check it out: I am sure it is awful.  According to Mashable of all the unique users on Pinterest 82% of them are women.  Hell, guys have Fantasy Football, March Madness Brackets, Hooters and women have Pinterest.  Fair enough.

How to use Pinterest

  • Pinterest itself says it’s a virtual pinbpoard and gives all kinds of idea of how to use it; redecorate your home, plan a wedding, find your style, find your inspiration, save your recipes
  • Squidoo says – It’s a visual collection of the things you love and gives 13 reasons to love it
  • For beginners by Mashable or for Brands
  • Even how to make money with Pinterest

The Real Reason

The reason people, or shall I say women are obsessed with Pinterest can be summed up with a simple Tweet that my wife sent, in response to an article I tweeted out called “Why is Pinterest So Addictive?”  Her response @emilysstarr “good question w/ simple answer: I need and love visuals! did u know :-)”.  Did I know?  hmmm I guess I did and didn’t all at the same time.

The Addiction

If you dare look at the Pinterest Profile of a true Pinning Addict simply look at Emily’s , men will cower and women will rejoice.