Facebook: Better with Tom Brady or BP at Fenway Park

There are some discussions I get into at work where I realize how great the GREAT parts of my job actually are.  Today’s clambake was: what will get more people to Like us on Facebook, a Tom Brady autographed football OR a chance to take batting practice at Fenway Park.

We are somewhat taking a “just bring the people to the party” approach in regards to growing our Facebook Likes.  We work really hard at both keeping them there as well as creating true engagement through interactions and best practices. We are working with a vendor named Second Street who amongst many other things has a turn-key like-gated product, that you can drop onto Facebook.

I read a good blog by “The Management” called Facebook Likes: Quantity vs. Quality where the writer says “If you run a campaign to generate Likes, make sure you have a plan to engage them afterwards.” That is what it is all about.  So many social media snobs look down upon tactics which “just” grow your Facebook Likes. Why? Yes if you do nothing with them once they come that is a shame, but who does that?  So if you are one of those people, like me, who sometimes has to focus on “just” increasing your Facebook Likes, don’t be ashamed, just make sure you have a plan afterwards to engage them.  If you would like some tips on how to do this, or just want a refresher check out the posting by Mashable called: How To Improve Engagement on Your Brand’s Facebook Page created from a report from Buddy Media.

In only a week we have already increased our Likes by over 3% while keeping our interaction level over 16%! Yet, I still don’t know what is a better incentive the autographed Brady football or batting practice at Fenway.