Cave Paintings, Clip Art and Infographics

As long as humans have roamed the earth there have been people who have used visuals to get their point across. What I don’t know is have these been done to help people get important points across in an easier visual fashion or is it more to throw it in the faces of people like myself who poses absolutely no artistic ability at all.  In a huge timeline skip we will move from the cave paintings of Chauvet to Clip Art.  Who can forget how great it was to be able to add arrows, stop signs and pie charts in full color to any document or presentation.  If you were really talented you could animate them and have things flying on and off the screen or even blinking. Who can forget the click, click, click space bar sound as a presenter would build momentum by adding one element to a page at a time as he or she built to their  pièce de résistance.

Those days are gone.  If you want to make a point and either explain it further or simply just blow someone away visually you need to get on the infographic gravy train.  Infographics are no longer just for your web developer or design team, and not just for the boardroom.  Infographics are the current currency, the “right now” visual zenith.

But where do you start and what makes a good Infographic? Well according to the folks at Blueglass there are 6 key factors:

  1. Design
  2. Data
  3. Clever Visualizations
  4. Point of View
  5. Location, Location, Location’
  6. Shareability

If you need to actually look at infographics to get inspired and see what you should aspire to I would either check out the Cool Infographics blog or the Good: Infographics website.

There are even Infographics about Infographics – thank you Ivan Cash!

The when you build up the courage and actually want to start making/designing you can either check out spryestudios – The Anatomy of an Infographic: 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual or Queness – How To Design Your Own Infographics.

The other thing that makes Infographics so cool, is that the word itself doesn’t even really exist.  Seriously, type it in on or type it in a blog as many times as I did in this one and watch that squiggly red line underline it every time you do.