A Social Media Event for REAL people – Boston


Looking at Mashable today there is a post about Mashable’s New Event Board it got me thinking, I want to organize a Social Media event in Boston.  But I want to have one for and with REAL people who in their jobs and personal life have found some affection and need for social media at a higher level. “Who’s with me?”

There are a ton of great Social Media meet-ups, rendezvous, assemblies, meetings in Boston and around the world and our meeting won’t replace those.  What it will replace are the BS hideaway, pay $400 and listen to some douche who hasn’t worked in  5 years tell you that you are using Twitter wrong because every once in a while between your budget reports, sales pitches, brainstorm meetings, etc your tweets are 127 characters long not the recommended 120 characters for ideal re-tweeting.  I want real people, with real life social media experience who want to simply know more and help others.  It’s like the Renaissance man!

Name It And They Will Come

As someone who works in media, we all know the most important part of any project is, the name (yes I am being sarcastic but we all know the name is cool).  No need to worry about the date, location, flow, attendance, budget, guests, etc.  If you have a great NAME it will obviously be a success.

  • A Social Media Affair to Remember
  • SM Conclave – Boston 2012
  • Social Sessions in Boston
  • New Media Marketing Tryst
  • The Meeting 2012
  • Real People Social Media Rally
FYI – I am leaning towards: SM Conclave – Boston 2012 OR The Meeting 2012
What do you think either?  Do you have a better name?

The Reason

The reason is simple everyone in – marketing, media, advertising, brand management, design, promotions uses and has some real world knowledge of social media.  We need to all get in one place and talk about it. With sessions like:

  • WTF is SEO and how do I use it?
  • Why do I care that Facebook switched to Timeline?
  • Pinterest?
  • I love what Twitter does for my company or do I?
  • Blog writing and stopping and writing more….
  • Why does my SPAM filter let spam in but send emails I need to the SPAM folder
  • Is code cool?
  • Mobile Marketing – what’s in your pocket
  • Database vs. Opens
  • Email Marketing, yeah I got your email address

But I am looking for more suggestions!


Wanna be one?  Great leave me a comment and tell me the name of your session

When and where?

Not sure. But I am thinking some Friday afternoon in the summer and YES it will be in Boston and will be followed with a cocktail reception.

No joke

This is not a joke, I want to do this, if you are interested leave me a comment, if you have suggestions leave me a comment, if it sounds interesting or fun, it should, please SHARE it with like-minded people/friends!  Let’s make this happen!!!


Weathermen, accountability and analytics

Cars are backed up, stores are packed and all people are talking about is snow.  Well at least here in Boston, today.  Boston, a city which on average has 22 days of snow each and every year still gets thrown for a loop every time it snows.

No Need to be Accurate

It is no secret that people take shots at weathermen all the time for getting the forecast wrong.  No one takes into account all the variables in predicting the weather.  I am not sticking up for weathermen, I wish I had a job where I can be right, for what feels like only 50% of the time, but if someone on the weather.com says it’s going to start raining at 7a and it doesn’t start till 8a, it really hard to fault them. I am talking about days like today where the local weather literally said “over the next 48 hours Boston will get somewhere between a dusting and a foot”.  I mean seriously?  Thanks.

But then it hit me.  Accuracy, accountability – weathermen aren’t really held to those two words, but those are the things that people love and FEAR in regards to social media and digital all together. Your analytics are there in plain sight, people can see your work and the results. No longer can you over-promise but under-deliver.  When a campaign is over the numbers are there and numbers don’t lie. In some regard it takes the  back-end emotion and salesmanship out of the equation.

So unlike weathermen if we work on social media/digital campaigns we can’t forecast with a low percentages of being right.

Key Metrics

Trying to figure out what the key metrics in regards to social media isn’t as easy as it seems.  So I spoke with “the specialist”: Al Beuscher, Web Guy.   We went back and forth and came up with this hit list:

  • likes
  • followers
  • referral traffic /click-throughs
  • comment activity
  • inbound traffic
  • rise in traffic (3 months before the campaign compared to 3 months after)

Tools to measure analytics

Then you need to know where to all those beautiful numbers; charts, data, graphs, etc, are to be found and how to get them.

There are many other metrics and many other tools to analyze them, yet this is a good start.  If you can develop plans and goals based on patterns and facts you will succeed.




Facebook: Better with Tom Brady or BP at Fenway Park

There are some discussions I get into at work where I realize how great the GREAT parts of my job actually are.  Today’s clambake was: what will get more people to Like us on Facebook, a Tom Brady autographed football OR a chance to take batting practice at Fenway Park.

We are somewhat taking a “just bring the people to the party” approach in regards to growing our Facebook Likes.  We work really hard at both keeping them there as well as creating true engagement through interactions and best practices. We are working with a vendor named Second Street who amongst many other things has a turn-key like-gated product, that you can drop onto Facebook.

I read a good blog by “The Management” called Facebook Likes: Quantity vs. Quality where the writer says “If you run a campaign to generate Likes, make sure you have a plan to engage them afterwards.” That is what it is all about.  So many social media snobs look down upon tactics which “just” grow your Facebook Likes. Why? Yes if you do nothing with them once they come that is a shame, but who does that?  So if you are one of those people, like me, who sometimes has to focus on “just” increasing your Facebook Likes, don’t be ashamed, just make sure you have a plan afterwards to engage them.  If you would like some tips on how to do this, or just want a refresher check out the posting by Mashable called: How To Improve Engagement on Your Brand’s Facebook Page created from a report from Buddy Media.

In only a week we have already increased our Likes by over 3% while keeping our interaction level over 16%! Yet, I still don’t know what is a better incentive the autographed Brady football or batting practice at Fenway.