I believe everything I read on yelp!


I use yelp for everything and believe every review on there.

I have changed, with so many bloggers, critics, reviewers and of course experts out there I can’t even walk into a coffee shop or restaurant without pulling up the yelp app and looking the place up.

So what does this means, have we changed from an entrepreneurial society to a society of followers? Are we doomed?

Take a Chance

There was a time in my life where I liked to live on edge and just walk into a place in a random town and order the special and let the chips fall where they may, as long as it didn’t have nuts (allergy) or onions (hated nemesis).  Then with smart phones and apps Urban Spoon came in and with a “shake” of the phone you were being sent to”Tony’s House of Lamb and Poetry” and you went without hesitation.  Hell, the wheels spun that’s the place it landed on, so you went. It met some criteria of location, price and maybe cuisine.  The problem was every 3rd time you spun the wheel the same place would keep coming up, plus you wanted more.  The sense of adventure wasn’t enough you felt like you were missing something, and maybe that “something” was spectacular.

Who Is Jenny From Medford?

yelp on the other hand is just awesome.  I would review yelp on yelp and give it 5 stars.  I mean some spinning wheels may have sent me to a random Italian restaurant in Medford, but yelp tells me that Jenny ate there with some of her friends, before they went out to the club, and ate the chicken parm, “it was awesome” and she even was able to take some home which turned out to be a perfect late night treat when the bars closed and she was faded.  She also said that her server Michelle was very knowledgeable because when she asked her about which wine would go best with her dinner, “she didn’t just answer red, she said Chianti, and it was even from Italy”.

So seriously why do I care or trust what other people say?  I am not sure, but I do, I use yelp for restaurants, hardware stores, butchers, etc. I guess I just need that verification that I am making a good decision.  So sad… what happened to me?

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