Yes, there is a thing as “too many Facebook posts”

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Too many posts drive away Facebook Fans.  That could really be the end of this post.  But what is too many? What if it is great content? What if there are various contributors? NOPE too many posts drive away Facebook Fans just like too much sun is bad for you. Too much is really too much.

Don’t Just Tell Me Show Me

I found a gem of a post from Marketing Charts entitled “Overposting Drives Away Facebook Fans” where it cites overposting as the number one reason people will “unlike” your page.

Constant Contact even did a video, basically a social media video PSA called “Don’t Overdo It” and followed it up with a blog post.

The NY Times took it one step further and said it’s not too many posts it’s too many negative or political posts that will cause people to un-friend you in an article called “Losing Friends on Facebook

But Wait

Entrepreneur says “And while unsubscribe rates go up after three posts per day, they level off at higher frequencies” this appeared in “Facebook Posting Techniques that Really Work

My take on this is very simple, if you have something to say and it’s engaging, go for it, click the “Post” button!  But you need to know there is a “too many” and “too much”, so watch your numbers and keep track to see if amount of posts per day have an impact on the amount of fans/followers you gain as opposed to lose.  Happy posting!


3 thoughts on “Yes, there is a thing as “too many Facebook posts”

  1. I agree with you Bill – nothing is worse than five or six back to back bland posts. I know I’ve unfollowed a lot of brands/people pretty quickly after a couple back to back “say nothing” posts. But if you keep me entertained or are posting something compelling – keep it coming!

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