LinkedIn, why do you use it?

stuffed cabbage

What is the purpose of LinkedIn?

Everyday I get a few requests from people who would like to connect with me and a few that would like me to recommend them, but I am not sure what the end game is.  So I start digging around and found a great blog called “Why Do You Use LinkedIn Anyway” it offers 5-6 reasons that people may use LinkedIn.  I think it’s far too many, I have narrowed it down to two.

Try to Find a Job

People are looking for jobs all the time.  Some people are out of work, some people don’t like their boss, some people want to make more money and others simply believe the grass IS REALLY greener on the other side. If you are looking here are some helpful links.

Get Leads and Then Reach Out to Them Like You Know Them

This is really annoying to me, I get calls all the time that say “I saw your profile on LinkedIn and thought you would love to hear about my stuffed cabbage delivery service”.  I appreciate the effort and the salesmanship, but seriously my company has no use for your stuffed cabbage, please do a little more research. If you are legitimately trying to find some great leads, these links may help.


So please tell me what I am missing when it comes to LinkedIn.


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