Pinterest – If you PIN it they will come!



Pinterest has taken over the world.  Let’s just start with that.

This will be my most successful and most read blog ever!  It is true, any post, article or tweet with the word Pinterest in it, gets far more clicks than boring stuff like Facebook, ROI, email conversion or PPC.  It is the cash cow for clicks and TSP, time spent pinning has become king.

TSP (time spent pinning)

I read that Americans spend 8.4 million hours watching NCAA March Madness basketball games.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that is merely a fraction of time compared to what women in this country spend on pinning!


Women, did I say ONLY women use Pinterest.  I didn’t say that, and I am sure there are guys who use it, but we don’t get the same exhilaration or excitement from it. Do I have a Pinterest profile? Sure, but I have no idea why or what to do with it, here it is check it out: I am sure it is awful.  According to Mashable of all the unique users on Pinterest 82% of them are women.  Hell, guys have Fantasy Football, March Madness Brackets, Hooters and women have Pinterest.  Fair enough.

How to use Pinterest

  • Pinterest itself says it’s a virtual pinbpoard and gives all kinds of idea of how to use it; redecorate your home, plan a wedding, find your style, find your inspiration, save your recipes
  • Squidoo says – It’s a visual collection of the things you love and gives 13 reasons to love it
  • For beginners by Mashable or for Brands
  • Even how to make money with Pinterest

The Real Reason

The reason people, or shall I say women are obsessed with Pinterest can be summed up with a simple Tweet that my wife sent, in response to an article I tweeted out called “Why is Pinterest So Addictive?”  Her response @emilysstarr “good question w/ simple answer: I need and love visuals! did u know :-)”.  Did I know?  hmmm I guess I did and didn’t all at the same time.

The Addiction

If you dare look at the Pinterest Profile of a true Pinning Addict simply look at Emily’s , men will cower and women will rejoice.








Kiss Me I’m Irish and a Social Media Expert



I am waiting for someone to make a t-shirt that says “Kiss Me I’m A Social Media Expert”, the same way you see the non-Irish wearing “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts as they drink their way through St. Patrick’s Day festivities each year.

Is everyone really Irish?

I am jaded today.  There are too many posts, tweets, webinars, profiles, conferences, guides, books, white papers,videos, blogs – EVERYONE is an expert on social media.  But with all these experts why is there still so much learning to do and so many unanswered questions.  Why is consistent ROI still like trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Why are there no true best practices that when followed bring you;  respect, love, wealth and health like a Shamrock or four-leaf clover.

The Easy Route and SNAKES!

The answer is simple, follow the roots of this mythology it is because our emerald island nation, that we call social media, has been infiltrated with snakes!  What started as pure with good intentions and smart people who were trying to change the way we did things, trying to make an honest buck, trying to impress a potential partner or people who simply wanted to prove they were smarter by changing the world is now a mess.  People trying to take short cuts, not understanding their craft or the power it holds. Short sided people who think the words; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and Pinterest belong on a white board during a client meeting, but have never really taken the time to understand what those words can do in the hands of a true social marketer.


It is time to banish the fakes out of social media the way St. Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland!


Take time to learn your craft; read, watch, follow, explore, take some chances and best advice – learn.  Become so smart that you can’t be fooled.  You then become the expert, a real expert.  Now, I am not sure what the best books are on social media but here are some lists that can start your journey.

Happy reading and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Yes, there is a thing as “too many Facebook posts”

over tan


Too many posts drive away Facebook Fans.  That could really be the end of this post.  But what is too many? What if it is great content? What if there are various contributors? NOPE too many posts drive away Facebook Fans just like too much sun is bad for you. Too much is really too much.

Don’t Just Tell Me Show Me

I found a gem of a post from Marketing Charts entitled “Overposting Drives Away Facebook Fans” where it cites overposting as the number one reason people will “unlike” your page.

Constant Contact even did a video, basically a social media video PSA called “Don’t Overdo It” and followed it up with a blog post.

The NY Times took it one step further and said it’s not too many posts it’s too many negative or political posts that will cause people to un-friend you in an article called “Losing Friends on Facebook

But Wait

Entrepreneur says “And while unsubscribe rates go up after three posts per day, they level off at higher frequencies” this appeared in “Facebook Posting Techniques that Really Work

My take on this is very simple, if you have something to say and it’s engaging, go for it, click the “Post” button!  But you need to know there is a “too many” and “too much”, so watch your numbers and keep track to see if amount of posts per day have an impact on the amount of fans/followers you gain as opposed to lose.  Happy posting!

Happy 100th to the Oreo! Is it the greatest cookie of all time?



The Oreo celebrates its 100th birthday today. The Food Network tells us that when this delicious treat started in 1912 it was called the Oreo Biscuit. gives us a little more history.

My questions

How to Celebrate

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate this monumental birthday.

  • Like Oreo on Facebook
  • Follow @Oreo on Twitter
  • Read about it on Wikipedia
  • Watch videos about it on You Tube
  • Or just go to the store and buy a package, but don’t forget the milk!

As Robert Redford said, “Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.”



LinkedIn, why do you use it?

stuffed cabbage

What is the purpose of LinkedIn?

Everyday I get a few requests from people who would like to connect with me and a few that would like me to recommend them, but I am not sure what the end game is.  So I start digging around and found a great blog called “Why Do You Use LinkedIn Anyway” it offers 5-6 reasons that people may use LinkedIn.  I think it’s far too many, I have narrowed it down to two.

Try to Find a Job

People are looking for jobs all the time.  Some people are out of work, some people don’t like their boss, some people want to make more money and others simply believe the grass IS REALLY greener on the other side. If you are looking here are some helpful links.

Get Leads and Then Reach Out to Them Like You Know Them

This is really annoying to me, I get calls all the time that say “I saw your profile on LinkedIn and thought you would love to hear about my stuffed cabbage delivery service”.  I appreciate the effort and the salesmanship, but seriously my company has no use for your stuffed cabbage, please do a little more research. If you are legitimately trying to find some great leads, these links may help.


So please tell me what I am missing when it comes to LinkedIn.

Birthday Etiquette on Social Media ( #HappyBirthday )

We have all been there, it’s someone’s birthday.  Can you simply text them? Tweet them?  Can you just post on their Facebook wall?  What is acceptable and what is rude.  Then when it’s your birthday do you need to respond to every post, text and tweet individually or does a blanket “Thank You” on Facebook cover it?

How to wish someone Happy Birthday on Social Media

How to Thank people for Birthday wishes on Social Media

The Best 

  • Then there is simply the best post I have seen on this subject.  Thank you to Josh Wolford (@joshgwolf) at WebProNews for this gem: Happy Birthday To Me (On Facebook) this is exactly what I am talking about.  What to do, what not to do and what’s lame!

I hope you read up so in 240 days when it is my birthday you will know what to do, what to say and how to do it!

-ps – Happy Birthday Karen!

Top 10 Rock Songs of All Time as Tweets



The debate has been raging for years and usually comes down to Freebird, Stairway or Like a Rolling Stone.  Yet, the question of the Best Rock Song of All Time has no real answer.  There are history people, front-man people, guitar lovers, drum heads and then there are the people who love the lyrics. The lyrics!!!  Below is a list of the Top 10 Rock Songs of all Time and see what the lyrics would be if they were tweets instead, yep, condensed to 140 characters or less.

The List and the Tweets

I looked all over, there is Rolling Stone, Billboard, Wikipedia and plenty of independent offers but the one that seemed to look the most like the songs I was looking for came from AOL Music.

10 – “Let It Be” – The Beatles – “Tough night last night, drank a little 2 much & either dreamed or hallucinated a women standing over me saying the same thing over & over”

9 – “Gimme Shelter” – The Rolling Stones – “I swear if I take another shot i’m either going to start a fight or kiss some chick, most likely it will be the fight though”

8 – “Another Brick In The Wall, pt2” – Pink Floyd – “So sick of school today, it’s the same thing over and over – I just don’t need this.  I wish the teachers would just leave me alone”

7 – “Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Ended up with this girl last night, had a gr8 time but need to split b4 she wakes up – pics to follow”

6 – “Comfortably Numb” – Pink Floyd – “Ugh what do u do when ur computer crashes & it’s not responding to anything. Blu screen & no sound. Help!”

5 – “Black Dog” – Led Zeppelin – “Need to get over my X, what r best spots in Boston to find easy cougars? i haven’t been out in a while”

4 – “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd – “I LOVE Alabama, don’t care that other people h8 it”

3- “Dream On” – Aerosmith – “Turning 30 2morrow can’t believe how old I am already. I c wrinkles on my face! Don’t know if I should sing, laugh or cry”

2- “Hotel California” – Eagles – “In Cali! Crazy, dudes dancin, pnk champagne, there r even mirrors on ceiling.  Everything I thought it would be, don’t think I’ll ever leave”

1 – “Stairway To Heaven” – Led Zeppelin “I am so high I think i’m gonna die! Luv it”